DC 5900L 4 kW

Dust Extractor DC 5900L + Longopac plastic sacks - get rid of large quantitites of dust.

  • a new efficient semi-automatic filter cleaning system
  • for easier transportation it has handles both front and rear and the cyclone can be tilted
  • dust free removal of the plastic sack with longopac plastic sack
  • for better ergonomic the handles are adjustable and the cyclone can be tilted for easier filter exchange
  • a new more efficient HEPA filter with a larger filter area


Mobile unit

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400 V, 50 Hz, 4 kW 119330

The standard DC 5900L 4 kW is used for big hand held power tools and heavy duty cleaning on construction sites. The dust extractor is suitable for two smaller handheld power tools or one larger tool, such as a floor grinder, with a disk of up to 20”/500 mm. T


The DC 5900L 4 kW is delivered as standard with the following:

  • 7.5 m suction hose Ø 50 (Part No 2401 + 2008 + 2107)
  • Aluminium floor tool B500 Ø 2” /50 mm (Part No 7238)
  • Chrome steel wand Ø 2” /50 mm (Part No 7265)
  • 1pc x 20m longopac plastic sacks 432177
  • HEPA filter (Part No 42869)
  • Fine filter polyester (Part No 429204)
Weight , lbs/kg ca 388/176
Max Q, cfm/m3/h 300/500  
Max vacuum, inwg/kPa 112/28  
Motor Nameplate 4 kW/10 hp  
Sound level 75 dB(A)  

Antistatic hose

Cleaning Accessories Ø 50 mm

Filter DC Storm,DC 5900, S 11000, S 21000, S 32000, S 34000, DC 11-Module