Picture: Dustcontrol's first dust extractor.

Dustcontrols första stoftavskiljare

Dustcontrol AB was founded in 1972 by Johann Haberl, Mirko Purar, and Evert Kranz. All three had previously worked as engineers at Devac AB. Devac was a Swedish government owned research and development company. The main purpose of the company was to research the health hazards of stone dust generated when drilling in stone. During the time, stone dust and "stone dust lung" was a major issue. After testing various method such as binding the dust with water and air filtration their finding was that the most effektive method was source extraction.

When the Swedish government, due to lack of funding, terminated the project some of the engineers decided to continue the source extraction project on their own. A new private company was founded - Dustcontrol AB. However, the stone dust market was limited. Therefore they started to develop source extraction vacuum systems and dust extractors for other industries.

The big break for Dustcontrol came in 1976 when they received a big order from Swedish ASEA in Vasteras. As a result Dustcontrol expanded its business and moved to its own production facilities in Norsborg, just outside Stockholm in Sweden. During the 1980´s Dustcontrol expanded by forming wholly owned subsidiaries and partners throughout europe and North America.

Sales grew the following years and the number of employees increased from under 10 to more than the double in only a few years. A big part of the manufacturing was outsourced at the time, but assembly, warehousing, and distribution was done in Norsborg, Sweden.

Today, the Dustcontrol group consists of the Head Office in Sweden and local sales companies in Germany, Austria, United Kingdom, USA, Finland, Canada and partners throughout Europe.