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Have you checked out our new trio of powerful industrial vacuums?

We recently launched our new range of all-in-one, powerful three-phase cyclone-based industrial vacuum units.

The latest addition to the DC Tromb family, the Hepa 13 filtered DC Tromb Turbo offers optimum quality, containment and performance. One of the major updates is the three-phase turbo motor that has been added specifically to enable running for long periods without the need to switch off. The new range has also been developed with a thermal protector that activates at high temperatures, while a simpler filter change has also been included for easier and quicker removal.

The DC Tromb Turbo is available with Direct Start or a Frequency Inverter (VFD), while those working in ATEX Zone 22 can benefit from the EX model.

The DC Tromb Turbo with Direct Start is suitable for general cleaning and source extraction from medium-sized power tools, such as grinders or sanders during polishing of glass fibre, carbon fibre and epoxy. The VFD model gives up to 50 per cent more performance in the same compact machine. Therefore, it is highly suited to applications such as extraction from a CNC and other medium-sized operations where a centralised system would not be viable. Both models can be equipped with either a steel container, plastic bag or a Longopac bag.

The EX version is certified to IP65 standard, meaning it can operate in explosive environments; ATEX Zone 22. Like the other two versions, the Tromb EX Turbo has a tall cyclone, large Hepa filters and powerful motor package, allowing it to handle large amounts of debris.

Our Managing Director, James Miller, said: "We're delighted to launch our new and improved Tromb range. The new models are not just more powerful, robust and effective than previous Tromb cleaners, but also incredibly resourceful. The powerful vacuum cleaners can handle an array of fine dust and materials emitted from many industrial factory processes, ranging from food production to composites."

He concluded: "Ultimately, the new range ensures those working in hazardous environments where dust is prevalent can carry out their jobs as safely and efficiently as possible."

Have you checked out our new trio of powerful industrial vacuums?
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