DC 5900a/c PTFE

Perfect for concrete grinding

*75 l container, Part no 7368

**60 l sack

Mobile unit

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400 V, 50 Hz, 4 kW, PTFE* 119306
50 Hz, 4 kW, 400VD/690VY, PTFE** 119304
400 V, 50 Hz, 9.2 kW Y/D-Start** 119311

The DC 5900a PTFE is a joint development project together with a market leading concrete floor grinding machine manufacturer. It is especially suited to managing the large volumes of concrete dust generated during floor grinding. The machine is equipped with a pleated PTFE filter cartridge (Teflon™ filter) with a large filter area (54 ft2/5 m2) to maximize airflow. The PTFE material reduces the tendancy of the fine dust to adhere to the filter. As a result, it allows continuous operation of today’s highly efficient concrete floor grinders. Floor grinding is definitely one of the toughest applications for a construction dust extractor. This means that high demands are made on the filters and the equipment used to collect the dust. 

The DC 5900a PTFE and DC 5900c PTFE models provide optimal performance with concrete grinding discs of up to 40”/1000 mm. The DC 5900a is equipped with a 20 gal/75 l steel container, while the DC 5900c PTFE has a plastic sack. Dustcontrol strongly recommends the use of a pre-separator for maximum efficiency in floor grinding applications.


The DC 5900a/c PTFE 4 kW/ 10 HP is delivered as standard with the following:

  • Antistatic hose set 25’/7.5 m Ø 2” /50 mm
    (Part No 2013 + 2008 + 2107)
  • Aluminium floor tool B500 Ø 2”/50 mm (Part No 7238
  • Chrome steel suction pipe Ø 2”/50 mm (Part No 7265)
  • For DC 5900c: 5 pcs Intellibag (Part No 46145) 
  • HEPA filter (Part No 42869)
  • Fine filter polyester PTFE teflon (Part No 429203)




HxWxL [mm/in] 1942x780x1160 / 76.5x30,7x45,7
Weight [kg/lb] 210/463
Inlet [mm/in] Ø108/4,3
Hose length Ø50 [m/ft] 5-30/16.4-98,5
Collecting container [l] 60/75
Flow max, open inlet [m3/h] (EU) 800
Flow max, open inlet [CFM] (UK/USA/CAN) 470,9
Neg. pressure max [kPa] (EU) 28
Neg. pressure max [kPa] (UK/USA/CAN) 112,4
Power [W] (EU) 9,2
Power [W] (UK/USA/CAN) 9,2
Fine filter, polyester, area [m2] 8,4
Efficiency fine filter, EN 60335-2-69, Class M [%] 99,9
Filter area, microfilter [m2 / ft2] 3,7/40
Efficiency fine filter, EN 60335-2-69, Class H [%] 99,995
Filter classification, EN 18221 HEPA H13
Sound Level [dB(A)] 75

Antistatic hose

Cleaning Accessories Ø 50 mm

Filter DC Storm,DC 5900, S 11000, S 21000, S 32000, S 34000, DC 11-Module

Non-Turnable Hose Connectors

Plastic bag 90 liter